Specializing in the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Puro (pure in Italian) is what we stand for and what we exemplify. EXTRA VIRGIN Olive oil is simple: extracting this wonderful product from the olive without any chemicals or additives is the essence to a superior and genuine product.

Puro Specialty Olive Oil

With olio PURO, everything is created in small quantities, with the maximum attention paid to detail. We use some of the highest quality olives available. The production of our extra virgin oil is simply PURE, and this characteristic is evident in all of our oils and products.

About Us

Our oil comes from the region of Abruzzo in Italy. The olives are grown on hilltops which have a slight elevation, while also being very close to the sea. The result is a unique type of olive which gives a very distinct texture and flavour.

The La Caprara family has been producing and distributing olive oil for over 30 years. We invite you to try it for yourself and taste the difference.


PURO specializes in supplying the needs of restaurants.

We offer several different industrial size formats as well as many different smaller bottle options. We will provide you with the best product customized to suit your business.

Please contact us for a catalog and price list.


We offer an array of options for your gift giving needs.

Looking to give a unique gift for clients? PURO offers full customization on select sizes of our olive oil bottles.

We would be happy to produce a bottle featuring your company logo.

Contact us

Please contact us for any inquiries or to find out how to get some olive oil near you.

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